1017 Alyx 9SM Launches Nike Slides With Spring 2023 Collection – WWD

The industry has accepted the storytelling that governs the creative process, so much so that it often overlooks the prowess and wonders of product design.

On the contrary, Matthew Williams’ fashion proposition has often been straightforward and is mostly about desirable fashion rather than storytelling. During a preview, he admitted that he rarely focuses on seasonal themes, and spring was no exception.

For his second show on the Milan schedule, he booked the abandoned Franco Scarioni outdoor pool complex on the outskirts of Milan and made his guests wait an hour before the camera drones took off.

summer the desire to stay cool was paramount, as bare torsos, legs and arms were in full force.

Conjuring up a fairly futuristic street uniform, Williams distilled a few seasonal garments: cargo pants with origami pockets; industrial technology sleeveless tops, whether parkas, hooded jackets or men’s suits; tight, ruched mini-dresses reminiscent of Aughts’ early party style, which didn’t exactly scream luxury; dress pants that elongate the silhouette and flowing bias-cut dresses for women. Denim trucker jackets and work jeans easily apply to both, as do sleek biker jackets and coats that spell out the brand name on the chest.

While less punchy and energizing than previous efforts, this spring effort showcased Williams’ talent for fashion-forward, commercially-savvy props. He traded in the once ubiquitous buckles for trendy sunglasses framed in thick leather and sometimes hidden under the models’ fringe, new styles of bags and his latest Nike x Matthew M. Williams 005 style – trendy rubber slides with breathable soles.

They were great products.

Darryl A. Chapin