Barron’s latest picks and pans: Alphabet, Nike, Microsoft, Peloton and the top performing CEOs of 2022

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Top CEOs: Congratulations to 24 game-changing business leaders‘, by Jack Hough, examines Barron’s annual list of top performing CEOs as they navigate a turbulent 2022, marked by the worst first half for markets since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Google wants to settle with the DoJ on ads. Why an analyst says it won’t happen“, by Eric Savitz, explains why the Department of Justice is likely to reject Alphabet Inc. GOOGL GOOG proposal to ward off a potential antitrust lawsuit.

In “Is Nike Stock Buy It Now? Director John Rogers bought the battered shares“, Ed Lin explains why Nike Inc. NKE director John W. Rogers bought a large block of stock in the clothing and footwear giant as the company’s shares slumped.

Microsoft sales will be crippled by a strong dollar, analyst warns,” by Eric Savitz, looks at headwinds Microsoft Corp. MSFT which lead a Keybanc analyst to reduce his price target on the stock.

Peloton subscriptions could beat estimates. That doesn’t mean much“, by Angela Palumbo, point out that an analyst at Morgan Stanely remains cautious on Interactive Peloton Inc PTONalthough it estimates a strong increase in subscriptions in the fourth quarter ending in August.

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Also in this week’s Barron’s:

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Energy stocks are cheap. Ask Warren Buffett.

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