British man gets bizarre tattoo of Nike sneakers on his feet

A Brit has had his favorite pair of Nikes tattooed on his feet, but while his ‘wife loves it’, others aren’t so convinced.

A tattoo artist has divided opinion after taking the bold step of inking sneakers on a client’s feet.

Dean Gunther, 34, from Manchester in the North West of England, recently tattooed the pair of shoes on a man’s feet, jokingly saying his client would “never buy shoes again”.

The tattoo artist, originally from Bellville, South Africa, moved to the UK five years ago and opened his own studio called DG Tattoo art.

He started inking people aged just 21 and recently became a viral sensation for his tongue-in-cheek approach to inking after teasing he gave a man the ‘perfect’ six-pack in two days while tattooing her belly with abs.

Dean recently shared a TikTok Video of his latest creation, a pair of Nike sneakers inked directly on a man’s feet. The unique body art has racked up over two million views.

In the images, the tattoo artist reveals the secret of how he inked the pair of shoes.

“I wanted to create the illusion that the person is wearing shoes, even if they are barefoot,” he said.

“It will definitely make you look twice.”

After finding his client’s favorite sneakers, Dean viewed the image in 360 degrees and then drew it freehand on the feet.

The intricate artwork took Dean about two hours to sketch and another eight hours to tattoo both feet.

“Drawing the tattoo freehand was the hardest part,” Dean said.

“I had to make sure that everything followed the contours of the body.

“A stencil wouldn’t work in this case, so it’s all freehand.

“Once that was done, the tattoo was simple.”

Dean joked that the tattoo was because the client was “tired of paying for shoes”, adding that it was “a great conversation starter” and “his wife likes it too”.

TikTok users were quick to comment on the permanent shoes – but not everyone was a fan of the bold design.

“They will last you forever,” said one.

“You’ll save a fortune on sneakers,” another joked.

Someone else thought the idea was brilliant, writing, “F*** me that’s smart.”

Some were stunned, writing, “Wow brave man, both feet.”

However, others were more skeptical.

A TikToker who clearly wasn’t a fan joked, “Just don’t,” in a play on Nike’s ever-famous slogan.

Another said: “What’s going on here in the ‘I dare you too’?”

“It’s sad,” wrote a third.

One woman even said it was “a weird thing to do”.

Dean, who recently won Best In Show at the Liverpool Tattoo convention with a stunning African-inspired tattoo that took three days to complete, also gave a hint about his next tattoo.

He says it will be one of the most emotional plays he has attempted as he hopes to raise awareness for cancer.

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