Here’s How Spooky Sneakerheads Celebrated Halloween

Nike Dunk Low Halloween Celebration
Via: @peter_coyne

This year, Halloween provided plenty of candy, an epic assortment of costumes, and an opportunity for sneakerheads to flex their spooky sneakers!

A niche genre of footwear, Halloween-themed drops have now become an expected part of the October release calendar, and brands have come out with their jack-o-lanterns blazing in the past. While this year was more subdued, sneakerheads loaded their socials with their favourite eerie iterations to celebrate October 31.

As is expected in 2022, the Dunk dominated. Still, Nike’s now-iconic Skeletal Air Force 1 was seen on the TL, and a swathe of creepy customs made appearances alongside some pretty wild edits.

Scroll on to see how sneakerheads celebrated Halloween in 2022!

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