Nike’s Air Max Scorpion will give you the boost you need this summer

Historically, Nike’s Air Max line is made up of disruptive and futuristic sneakers. There’s the Air Max 2090, which packs 200% more air than the OG Air Max 90, making the wearer feel like they’re literally walking on air. There’s the forward-thinking Nike Air VaporMax EVO, which released in 2021 as one of Nike’s thickest, most air-filled sneakers to date, while elsewhere there’s the Air Max 1 Golf which is treated with “Tiger” faux leathers.

The recently unveiled Nike Air Max Scorpion expands on the Nike Air VaporMax design with a one-piece Flyknit upper, while it also features functional Flywire reinforcement, heel tabs and stitched-in Swooshes. Elevating the shoe is an upgraded full-length Air Max sole unit, which Nike says uses its signature upgraded air to deliver “tomorrow’s comfort today”.

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This Air technology not only covers the entire bottom of the shoe in a way that has never really been seen on a Nike-designed sneaker before, but also takes its height to new levels. Nike didn’t provide exact measurements, but we could be looking at a rise of about two centimeters in the heel portion alone. The bulbous, air-bubble-rich construction increases wearer comfort in the same way Nike Air shoes did before, but it will also make wearers appear taller.

The Nike Air Max Scorpion will be released in September. Pricing has yet to be revealed, but with previous Nike Air models priced up to £150, expect the same.


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