Travis Scott seemed to be in very bad shape after the tragedy at the Astroworld festival. Many have blamed the artist for what happened and as things stand, he is still the subject of various lawsuits that could end very badly for him. Despite all of this, Travis has continued with his plans and he is also looking to do things that will benefit his community.

Over the weekend, Scott was able to debut his latest collaboration with Nike, the Nike Air Trainer 1. This shoe received a ton of raffle entries and it’s clear that Nike is excited to renew their relationship with the hip hop star. .

This week, Travis will release another sneaker in the Nike Air Max 1 in “Baroque Brown” and “Saturn Gold.” These shoes are going to be very popular and Travis knows it. In fact, according to The Shade Room, Travis will donate all proceeds from these shoes to Project Heal.

Project Heal is Travis’ new foundation that is intended to donate money for mental health services as well as HBCU and other community projects. It’s clear that Travis is looking to make amends for what happened 6 months ago, and this latest gesture is proof of that.

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