Start your summer hike on the right foot with the Trail trainers from Nike

Summer has officially arrived, and what better way to enjoy the sunny season than spending quality time with Mother Nature? Hanging by the pool or beach might be the first outdoor activity that comes to mind, but if you’re looking for an activity that doubles as a workout, you might want to take your local trail. Luckily, Nike’s selection of trail running shoes are here to help bring some form and function for the next hike or run.

I recently received a pair of The Air Zoom Terra Kiger 8 sneakers from Nike and – after wearing them on a recent trip to Hawaii – I’m convinced they’re the only shoes you need for your outdoor summer adventure. Crafted from a high-abrasion rubber, the sole features multi-directional traction lugs designed to give you extra grip when climbing and descending. Plus, there are abrasion-resistant skins along the toe, a padded tongue to relieve pressure from your swollen feet, and a rock plate to protect you from rough terrain. (Translation? The steep rocks of Halemaumau Crater or Wailua Falls are no match for these shoes.)

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 8 Women’s Trail Running Shoe

As strong and solid as the soles of these shoes are, I was pleasantly surprised by how light they were. No matter how light a sneaker claims to be, I always find them a bit chunky; not necessarily a burden, but definitely the. But these Terra Kiger 8 sneakers from Nike were different. As I wandered the Haleakala National Park, I didn’t feel like lugging extra weight on my feet. Instead, I felt light and springy with every step. (Let’s be honest, the very The last thing you want to feel when running through dense forest or climbing a hill is feeling dragged downhill.) In fact, these shoes were then lightweight that I’ve worn them beyond the trails: airports, hotels and, well, everywhere.And, thanks to the integrated Flywire technology, my light-as-air feet always had the support they needed.

But, one of my favorite parts of the Nike Terra Kiger 8 sneakers, besides the unprecedented weightless design, was the mesh panels along the upper. Lightweight and breathable, mesh offers serious relief on those sweaty sweaty summer days. If you’re worried about dirt and dust getting into your shoes, these uppers are lightly lined for that exact reason.

While the Terra Kiger 8 sneakers tick all the boxes for a great pair of summer sneakers, they aren’t the only ones Nike has to offer. That of the brand Nike Wildhorse 7 pair is designed for tough and extreme trail runs, thanks to its high-abrasion rubber, multi-directional traction lugs and responsive cushioning.

Or, if you’re looking for a pair that can seamlessly transition from scenic walks to your sidewalk, the React Pegasus Trail 4 shoes have you covered. Adorned with Nike’s signature React foam, this pair gives your step a serious boost. Before trying Nike’s React Pegasus Trail 4 shoes, I was a bit in denial about the comfort and responsiveness of a pair of sneakers. (I have worn a lot of sneakers and while they were all comfortable, no one pair impressed me over the others. If I’m being honest, most of my sneakers feel the same way.) Not only is this pair incredibly comfortable, but it also provides a springy ride that makes me feel like I’m Sally Ride on her space shuttle mission.

Oh, and did I mention this pair is incredibly versatile? Although this pair has an abrasion-resistant exterior and a rubber outsole with a generative traction pattern created from runners’ data, its simple silhouette makes it stylish enough to wear on the run or on a getaway. at the park.

Much like the rest of Nike’s trail offerings, the React Pegasus 4 is a fair cry from those bulky, outdated pairs. But, speaking of the rest of the Nike collection, you really can’t go wrong here. No matter which pair you end up with, your summer is about to start off on the right foot.

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Darryl A. Chapin