The Sneaker Freaker Crew Go Shopping for Valentine’s Day 2023

Jacquemues x Nike Air Humara Pink

What’s your love language? Here at SF HQ, it’s sneakers (obviously), so we doubled down on our footwear fetish for this Valentine’s Day!

Whoever you’re showering with love on February 14, whether it’s bae, Mum, Dad, a friend, your cousin, or your coworker, the usual chocolates and flowers won’t cut it. So get them what they really want – a fresh pair of kicks!

You could always peruse the seasonal brand offerings, like this or this, but we think it’s best to choose something more personal.

Need inspiration? Here are the romantic gifts the SF crew copped for their loved ones this V-Day!

Veneda Carter x Timberland 6-Inch Boot


Valentine: ML

Shoe: Veneda Carter x Timberland 6-Inch Boot

Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts don’t cut it when it comes to romance enhancement. Roses wilt, and chocolate melts. In fact, they say the entire event was fabricated to sell greeting cards. A successful V-day requires reliable shoes for all parties involved. Enter, Timberland’s 6-Inch Boot. They’ve been a reliable choice in the rotations of my partner and myself over the years, providing both of us support and protection even when we’re apart. Perhaps we’ll be knockin’ boots when I surprise ML with a pair of the Veneda Carter colab – there’s only one way to find out.

Jacquemues x Nike Air Humara Pink


Valentine: Isobelle, my pink-and-purple-loving wife

What: Jacquemues x Nike Air Humara Pink

Images don’t do these babies justice. We stumbled across them in-store during an impromptu (tipsy) shopping excursion, and while I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting, they’re a far cry from being another shoe slapped with pink for the sake of it.

CDG x Nike Air Max 180


Valentine: Leanne

What: COMME des GARÇONS x Nike Air Max 180

I remember when I got flamed at SF HQ for buying my girl a fresh pair of Nike M2K Teknos after our first date. Now we’re engaged. This year, I’m picking her up a pair of the CdG x Nike Air Max 180. I saw them in the city last week and can’t get them out of my mind. I’m totally lovestruck, so I’m hoping my boo-boo will be too.

Simple OS Sneaker


Valentine: Pat

What: Simple OS Sneaker

When I think about what my bae loves most (aside from me), a few things come to mind: sneakers and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Recently, it came to our attention that Larry David’s favourite sneaker brand, Simple, had started up again, with pairs of the classic OS sneaker readily available on the internet. To much surprise, most of the sizes are actually out of stock, but I’ve managed to find a colourway in his size that he’ll rate! And that’s a pretty, pretty, pretty good V-Day present if you ask me.

Shushutong x ASICS


Valentine: Cayleigh, the shopaholic.


My partner is an incessant shopaholic, constantly copping, with packages showing up at our door every other day! This makes her hard to buy for because, as soon as she spots something she wants, the card gets tapped. But for this Valentine’s Day, I knew exactly what to get – SHUSHU/TONG’s recent ASICS collaboration. It’s been hard trying to track these down, but with a couple more days of sleuthing, I’ll find ’em!

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