Where to buy the Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus? Pricing and more details explored

The American sportswear juggernaut has been hard at work on a slew of new colorways of its upgraded Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus style. After witnessing the ‘Neutral Pink’, ‘Black and Lime’ and ‘Rattan’ color combinations that have been introduced over the past few months, Nike’s Terrascape Plus family is expanding their catalog with a new Hulk-inspired colorway.

The latest Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus with a Hulk-inspired vibe will arrive with a retail price tag of $185. Although the release dates for these muscular green silhouettes are under wraps, for now they are primed for a wider release soon.

Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus Gets Hulk-Inspired Green Makeover

Take a closer look at the Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus Hulk-green colorway (Image via Twitter/@sneakernews)
Take a closer look at the Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus Hulk-green colorway (Image via Twitter/@sneakernews)

The sportswear brand has built their new Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus. This silhouette features a compelling idea derived from the fusion of Air Max Plus and Vapormax Plus elements. In its way of sustainable fashion, Nike introduces interesting color combinations of these rugged designs which are partly constructed using recycled components.

Air Max Terrascape Plus story on Nike official website reads,

“Remember the revolution. 1987 saw the birth of the Air Max lineage, showcasing visible Air for the first time. What started as a cushioning experiment quickly became an icon on the trail and on the street. Over the years it has been redesigned and revamped, but the legacy still remains.

The freshly designed Air Max model features a mix of dark greens, pale purples, and deeper shades of gray, resulting in a look indicative of the “Hulk” epithet.

The uppers of the kicks are crafted using mesh uppers reflecting black and purple hues. These mesh base layers are highlighted with olive green suede on the toe. Similar green detailing is added to the heel counters.

Hulk green TPU overlays are prominent in the midfoot areas of the upper. To make the dull look of shoes more appealing, splashes of white are used for chunky soles. These Nike Crater Foam midsoles feature a subtle off-white finish underfoot, alongside the exposed airbags positioned next to them.

Moreover, the insoles of these shoes are also striking, laden with a mishmash of dots of different colors. They are stamped with black “Terrascape” lettering on them.

The Air Max Terrascape Plus has been modified to include a gray Nike Grind outsole, establishing the forefoot Hulk design.

Nike calls this design a radically different idea, as the modern Air Max Terrascape Plus shoes create less of a burden on the planet. Highlighting its eco-consciousness when manufacturing the Nike Grind outsole, Nike added,

“True to Air Max Plus tradition, its floating Swoosh cage showcases style and is made from 20% recycled TPU. The sneaker’s Nike Grind outsole is made from 13.5% recycled rubber, and the haptic-textured upper is also made from recycled materials – 75% recycled polyester on the upper with 100% recycled polyester laces. Through a confluence of high-tech and natural components, the new Air Max Terrascape Plus takes us into a whole new world of sneaker design.

Curious shoppers can check out Nike’s official website to stay up to date with additional details of these $185 shoes.

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