A fresh take on an old classic

The Nike Air Max is a staple of sneakerheads everywhere. It even has its own celebration day – Air Max Day on March 26 every year. Also being one of my favorites, I recently took to the Nike By You website to create a pair of Custom Nike Air Max 90.

Nike Air Max 90 Old School

Originally released in 1990 as the Air Max III, this classic sneaker was a staple of ’90s street culture and fashion, never quite losing its place in the hearts of sneakerheads around the world to this day. . Starting out initially as a running shoe, I think it’s safe to say that they have transcended that quirky design framework to firmly establish themselves as fashion icons in the retro/casual category. The name change to Air Max 90 didn’t come until 2000 when it was re-released in the original White/Black/Cool Gray with Infrared colorway.

While not the hottest sneaker on the market today, this icon is timeless and with the various colorways and collaborations rotating, the Air Max 90 is never too far from sight.

Fresh flavor

With a bit of history aside, let’s take a look at the new version of Nike By You that I created with this old favorite.

With the design and comfort of the Air Max 90 already entrenched, I got to work choosing my own unique colorway. My canvas was a classic all-white pair and although limited, my options were many and varied. After playing around with just about every color combination I could think of, from wild to downright wacky, I finally landed on this gorgeous yet simple mustard with pops of red, navy, and black finishes. As someone who absolutely loves the color yellow and wears a variation of it almost every day, it only makes sense that I choose mustard as my mainstay for this colorway.

After a short 2 week waiting period, my new sneakers arrived at my doorstep and I have to admit I’m still thrilled at how stunning they turned out. The experience in itself is something I would definitely recommend to anyone who has ever imagined themselves taking the reins to design their own ultimate colorways. A bit of icing on the cake was the ability to tag the tongue with custom text which worked perfectly with my nickname Malume Drippy. At this point, the only thing left was to name my new babies.

And that’s how the Air Drippy 1 was born!

Nike Air Max 90 Custom: a new version of an old classic

Design and comfort

When it comes to comfort, as mentioned earlier, the Air Max 90 is among the best in its peer group. Retro runners are generally quite comfortable, but I have to admit that I personally find the Air Max 90s to be up to snuff. Nothing beats the classic ’90s design, from the hyper-pronounced wedge midsole to the iconic airbags, there’s just no harm here. I found the Drippy 1 sturdy and reliable, comfortable and grippy, like just about every release in the Air Max line.

Performance and quality

As mentioned earlier, the Air Max 90 not only looks great, but also offers plenty of benefits in the comfort department. It’s very comfortable for everyday wear and continues to feel great on foot for hours on end. Its lightweight and highly breathable design is perfectly configured for the most comfortable wear.

Quality-wise, it’s very hard to find fault with the Nike Air Max 90, although I was expecting a few blemishes here and there. To my surprise, I couldn’t find a single misplaced stitch, nor found any spilled glue on the join lines. Rather impressive.

Final word on the Nike Air Max 90 Custom

The Air Max 90 remains a classic and will be a staple of sneaker culture for decades to come. It does not disappoint in any way and the Nike By You experience has only served to enhance the overall experience of this classic icon. The Air Drippy 1 is everything I hoped for and more.

You can also let your imagination run wild with Nike By You on the nike.com website or the Nike app. Depending on what’s on the current customization list, you’ll have plenty of options to customize any sneaker you want. From the Air Max to the Air Force 1, from the Dunk to the Nike React, the power really is in your hands.

I fully intend to follow up with a few more custom versions of some of your most beloved sneakers, so keep an eye out for the next Drippy drop.

Darryl A. Chapin