Nike Fans Button Detail Can’t Ignore New Brazil Home Kit – Thick Accent

The start of the new season has brought well-deserved comfort to football fans, who are already dreading the prospect of another week without football.

While all the attention is currently on Europe’s top leagues, one eye remains firmly on the spectacle to come in Qatar. In November, club rivalries will be put aside and fans will gather under one flag, with the focus firmly on the World Cup.

As fans patiently wait for the extravaganza, brands have chosen this time to show off the different threads you’ll see players playing in Qatar. So far, there have been successes and failures in equal measure. However, the most recent version is already showing the potential to be the kit of the tournament despite receiving terrible reviews when first leaked.

When we think of the World Cup, we think of Brazil. Better yet, when we think of football, we think of Brazil. As well as being the most successful team in the history of the quadrennial tournament, the Selecao are also perhaps the most iconic.

From the historic image of Pelé holding Jules Rimet in the 1970s to the total dominance of El Fenomeno in 2002, Brazilian teams over the years have defined the term “football heritage”.

2022 will mark the 20th anniversary of Brazil’s triumph (5th world title) in Yokohama, while also making the 20th year that the World Cup eludes them. Nonetheless, Qatar offers renewed hope for the football-breathing country, and while it remains to be seen whether Brazil will add another iconic moment to their history, Nike have certainly done their part and provided a truly memorable kit.

The American sportswear brand opted to stick with classic shades of bright yellow, with blue and green trim. While the colors themselves see no changes, the pattern on the kit does add some flair. Inspired by jaguars, the pattern includes faint spots reminiscent of those seen on the feline.

The logos on the shirt are wrapped in blue and the Selecao crest is adorned with 5 stars, indicating their World Cup triumphs. The shirt features a standard collar, with a predominantly green color paired with blue trim.

The star of the show is definitely the collar button, as it represents the Brazilian flag when left open.

The neat details have been put together quite well, and fans online have been particularly impressed.

Nike’s latest attempt resembles the 2002 World Cup winning kit, an intentional aspect, of course. We can’t think of a better time or sons for the Selecao to turn 6, and their fans will certainly expect nothing less.

Darryl A. Chapin