Nike Victory Elite Review: Performance Sunglasses for Competitive Athletes

As a runner, I spend a lot of time outdoors with my eyes exposed to the elements. I didn’t wear sunglasses as a college runner. But as I get older, I realize the importance of protecting my eyes when training in the sun.

Although any pair of sunglasses will do, I want a stylish pair of glasses for training and competition. that stay securely in place but are not bulky or uncomfortable. For years I have referred to racing sunglasses like “speed shades” and that’s exactly what I’m looking for: a pair of sunglasses that covers my eyes without stopping me from going fast.

When I came across the Nike Victory Elite Sunglassesthey looked like the ultimate pair of “speed shades” so I decided to give them a try.

Nike Victory Elite Sunglasses Review

First impressions

online, the Victory Elite Sunglasses looked sporty and sleek, but taking them out of the box I was unimpressed. Although they had a sporty look, the plastic felt cheap and I was worried they would break easily. But I had seen the Victory Elites being worn and cheered on by professional racers online, so I decided not to judge a book by its cover and give the glasses a good shot.

Naturally, I took them running.

Technical characteristics

The goggles sport a one-piece wraparound contour lens that provides maximum coverage and minimum distractions. The Victory Elite sunglasses were designed based on feedback and ideas from pro runners, Nike told us.

The goggles also feature an adjustable nose bridge and adjustable temple temples with rubber sleeves. The injected frame material is 45% castor oil and the glasses have a 16mm bridge, 135mm arm length, 60mm wide lens and 45mm high lens. If you need a prescription, you can easily add Rx with an optical clip.

My point of view: are they at the height of fashion?

Nike Victory Elite Sunglasses - review
(Photo/Rebecca Parson)

First impressions aside, I prepped for a run in the afternoon heat and grabbed my new Nike Victory Elites. Designed specifically for women, the Victory Elites fit my small face well and after some minor adjustments to the nose bridge, I had a perfect fit.

Minutes into my run I forgot I was wearing sunglasses – the Victory Elites are incredibly lightweight and the snug fit ensures they don’t move around while you’re on the move.

Throughout my run, the Elites stayed securely in place and required no adjustment. The wraparound lenses provided ample sun protection and uninterrupted vision. In terms of performance for the race, they were excellent.

When I was done with my workout, I stopped in a park to do some stretches and sit-ups and accidentally stepped on my glasses causing the lens to pop out.

Fearing that my first impressions were indeed correct, I picked up the glasses to examine them. Luckily the lens snapped back into place easily and I was able to put the nose bridge back in place.

I don’t know if this design was intentional on Nike’s part to avoid damage, but regardless, my goggles remain in good condition despite careless footing.

Nike Victory Elite sunglasses test: conclusion

Overall, the Victory Elite goggles work as expected. They provide ample sun protection with minimal distractions, allowing you to go fast and focus on the workout at your fingertips.

They look sharp and are super lightweight. But I will say these are not my favorite pair of speed shades I have ever tried. They are so delicate that I always feel like I’m going to break them when putting them on. Hopefully it’s something I’ll get used to over time.

If you’re looking for something with a barely there feel that can deliver lightness and performance, this is for you. If you prefer more rugged sunglasses, perhaps look elsewhere.

Fit and feel aside, the Elites get the job done and I definitely plan on continuing to wear them during sunny workouts.

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