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Before the start of a football season, stocking up on protective gear should be at the top of everyone’s priority list. However, no player should underestimate the importance of performance enhancing equipment such as football gloves. Football gloves are protective but can also help improve your performance on the pitch.

Nike is a top brand to consider if you are looking for a high quality pair of football gloves. The Nike Superbad 6.0 Receiver Gloves are popular among casual and competitive gamers due to their excellent grip, breathability and flexible support.

Football gloves should fit snugly, but you don’t want them to be too tight or loose. Gloves that are too tight can make it difficult to catch a ball, and gloves that are too big can feel awkward and even interfere with your ability to catch a ball.

To determine your glove size, you can measure the circumference of your palm and the length from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm. Once you’ve done that, refer to a size chart to see which glove size matches your hand size.

There are only two positions where players are strongly recommended to wear gloves: linemen and wide receivers. Other players such as tight ends, running backs, defensive backs, and kick returners may wear gloves, but it’s not as critical to their position.

  • Wide Receivers are the main passers of their team. They often use lightweight finishes with textured finishes on the palms and fingertips for added grip, making it easier to grip.
  • Linemen are heavily padded to withstand high impact blows and provide more wrist stability than receiver gloves.

Beginners should get gloves that focus primarily on protection. These gloves are generally more affordable than those with advanced sticky grips to improve a wide receiver’s catching abilities. However, it’s always best to wear gloves that you find comfortable.

Nike incorporates its exclusive Magnigrip+ technology into its best football gloves. Magnigrip+ technology gives the palms a sticky surface and adhesive-like feel, which helps the ball stick to your gloves and make for much more manageable catches. Not all Nike football gloves use Magnigrip+ technology, but they do have textured palms and fingertips for added grip.

Nike manufactures all of its football gloves with high quality materials and ensures that they are designed to provide players with maximum breathability. If you are a receiver, wearing gloves without sufficient ventilation can be hot. It can affect your performance and your ability to catch a ball.

Most football gloves have straps to adjust the fit so you can give yourself a snug or more relaxed fit, whichever you find most comfortable. The straps are usually Velcro and are designed to stay in place for long periods of time, so you don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting the fit during a match.

If you’re a wide receiver or defensive back and want inexpensive gloves to get you through a football season, you can find a reliable pair for $25 to $40. However, more durable gloves for wide receivers and linemen cost between $40 and $60.

A. Yes, football gloves provide excellent grip for swinging a bat. However, this is not ideal because football gloves do not have the same amount of padding as baseball gloves, which is needed to reduce shock vibration when kicking.

A. Some players find it more difficult to catch the ball in wet weather and feel that the sticky grips become slippery when wet. However, the new Nike gloves are made with technology that provides sufficient grip even when wet.

A. It depends on how often you use them. Generally, football gloves should last at least an entire season. However, over time the grip will wear off and the seams may start to come loose, indicating that it’s time to get a new pair for optimal performance.

Nike Superbad 6.0 receiver gloves: available on Dick Sporting Goods

Our opinion : Wide receivers and tight ends looking for more control on tough balls will love these high performance catching gloves.

What we like: These lightweight gloves feature flexible support and stretch fabric along the back for added comfort. They have advanced ventilation channels for superior breathability. The hook-and-loop strap lets players adjust the fit, and the sticky palm surface makes it easier to catch hard balls.

What we don’t like: Some users found the fingers too long, giving them an uncomfortable feel and fit.

Nike Vapor Jet 6.0 Men’s Football Receiver Gloves: Available at Amazon

Our opinion : These durable gloves have superior build quality and provide excellent grip and elite performance on the court.

What we like: These gloves are made with breathable, stretchy fabrics and have strategically placed seams for a secure fit. The palms have plenty of grip, the thumbs have extra light padding for added comfort, and the fingers have a flexible coating for added control during hard grips.

What we don’t like: They run small, so consider buying a size up. Plus, they’re expensive, so they’re best suited for more experienced players.

Nike D-Tack 6.0 Lineman Gloves for Adults: Available at Dick Sporting Goods

Our opinion : These gloves are designed for linemen looking for better control without sacrificing comfort.

What we like: These gloves are packed with ultra-soft protective gel padding for better shock absorption during high impact blows. They have Sticky Hydragrip palms for superior grip, fingertip seams for improved freedom of movement and adjustable cuffs, so players have a comfortable fit.

What we don’t like: They aren’t as durable as other lineman gloves, as some customers have reported the seams near the thumbs coming loose after a few weeks of regular use.

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